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    Creativity & Innovation
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    Outsourced R&D
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    Innovation Consulting
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    Think-tank on Retainer

How does it work?

Step 1. Just enquire
Start a topic, an innovation discussion, and we'll suggest a path and budget for our consulting.

Step 2. Teams suggest crazy and not so crazy ideas... Creating a "possibilities board" rich with potentials.

Step 3. Select a course from the options presented, and your innovation will be fleshed out, rounded to an executable action plan. In some cases we can develop the necessary software, or produce cad drawings as required.

Step 4. We can continue to consult on a retainer or ad hoc basis, perhaps rolling out a whole suite of innovation concepts for your business or industry.


Who are we?
We are designers, inventors, industrial designers, innovators, imagineers, art directors, artists and writers. We collaborate in teams to produce the desired innovations for your industry.

How do we charge?
We create a budget based on your enquiry and work to that budget. If you request scope additions, we'll keep you apprised of budget changes.

What if I don't like the ideas?
We can only provide our process, and creativity to your brief. There are no guarantees with innovation consulting. If there were guarantees we would be partnering with you to earn a larger share of the results.

Who owns the ideas?
When you pay for the consulting we sign a release of intellectual property. If required we can have an IP professional assist with patent or design applications as required.